About Bio-Writer.com

Bio Writer was created as an alternative to many services currently on the market. Many bio writing services offer a quick fix solution, very few are written in a scientific manner.

Why are we different? We understand what makes a great bio. Our sister brand Wizards of Wiki has been responsible for creating Wikipedia bios on some of the most established businesspeople, musicians, actors and entrepreneurs. We took this science and felt that it could be applied in a more general sense, creating a premium bio writing solution.

Anyone can write a bio, but very few people can step away from themselves and write a neutral bio. People normally fall into two categories when they write about themselves. They either don't sell themselves enough and undersell their achievements or others effectively write a self promotional advertisement. In both scenarios, very few of these lead to a quality bio.

We know what to look for when writing a bio. We understand that bios are created for different reasons, but its essential they are a compelling and factual read. Very few people today have the pleasure of an advertising free day, at some point they will come across an ad. Therefore when someone reads about you or a client, it cannot come across as an advertisement, your achievements should sell themselves.

This is all achieved through two main steps, good research and quality writing. Many of our competitors state they will call the client in order to hear about their bio. We have avoided this step as we feel the client often loses sight of what is important. All our data is gathered through strategically written questionnaires, rather than long 1 hours phone calls. In our experience, long phone calls dilute the essential information, which leads to bios with little structure and no clear goal.

This unique take on bio writing is the first of its kind of the Internet and one of the only truly premium services that is provided to a range of professionals. If you would like to know more, then please contact us.