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Creating a Professional DJ Bio

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Your Interview

After starting your DJ bio project, we produce a set of interview questions for each DJ. With hundreds of bios and long biographies completed, we know exactly what to ask to produce the best bio possible. The questions require little expansion, asking for basic facts about various subjects, in order to produce a comprehensive bio.

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Balancing Act

Balance is important. In todays society we are constantly exposed to advertisements and marketing content. Therefore it is important any bio stands out. As our writers come from a marketing background, we ask them all to use a structure we feel best promotes the DJ, rather than waffling for 250 words or more.

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Secure More Gigs

Send your new DJ bio out with pride. Each bio is proof-read by a 3rd party as part of the fee. Unlike many competitors, we offer unlimited revisions too. This approach means that it is near impossible to be unsatisfied with the final draft of your bio. Drafts are normally turned around within 1 week. Please ask for samples if you wish to see some of our work.

Why Choose Bio Writer?

At Bio Writer, we don't just produce average bios. We understand that DJ's in this instance need a certain type of bio. We focus on the important aspects of your DJing career to ensure that your bio promotes you in the best way possible.

The interview process is where we feel our service begins to excel itself. It has been tweaked numerous times in order to ensure we receive as much information as possible in a short period of time. We understand that while DJs want bios, they don't want long interviews with pointless questions.

Once the data is gathered from the Djs interview, we then commence with writing the DJ bio. All our writers work are given aims to hit a number of marketing points and also work off a set structure. From our research, this will then produce the most comprehensive DJ bio possible.

Lastly, our bios come with unlimited revisions. Something few other writing services offer, ensuring you receive the best value for money possible.